F K Enterprises believes there is a continuous need to increase efficiency, whilst decreasing excavation costs.
As a reflection of our knowledge and vast experience in the industry, our goal is to provide clients the best possible excavation solutions to suit their needs at a cost-effective price. This, along with our team’s dedication and expertise, is what separates :F K Enterprises from the rest.
F K Enterprises has the capacity to handle mass excavation of rock for foundations, footings as well as landscape reclamation.
All of F K Enterprises machines are fitted with Essex quick release hitches as well as rock breakers. The ingenuity behind these powerful earthmoving machines are built to deliver ideal solutions to all levels of construction.
Our fleet consists of:
- *1x 13 Tonne Komatsu PC 130-7 Excavator*, which includes 600mm and 1000mm general purpose buckets, 1.5m batter bucket and rockbreaker.
- *1x 13 tonne Komatsu PC 138US-2 Excavator*, which includes 600mm and 1000mm general purpose buckets, 1.5 m batter bucket, rockbreaker and blade.
These 2 machines share : grabs, 450 & 600 Auger, shaker bucket, 1.5m side angled batter bucket and saw.
- *1 x 20 tonne Komatsu PC 200-6 Excavator*. It has a 600mm and 1200mm general purpose bucket, rockbreaker and 1.8m batter bucket. It also has a ripper, grab, and shaker bucket. Dimensions: Width 2780mm(9'11") needing 3 metres to get in, Height 2905mm(9'6"). Digging depth 6620mm(21'9") and digging reach 9675mm(32'5").
No matter the size of the job, F K Enterprises can take care of all your rock excavation needs in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner.
Pick up the phone now and call F K Enterprises. It’s the best decision you can make.